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Create Directory Websites For Regular Income

Directory websites like Yelp.com have succesfully used this very same, simple concept.

Did you know? - Google loves Business Directory websites...

In one year, Yelp.com made a profit of $300 million, through using this same concept and generated a huge directory of restaurants. So my question is...

Do you really want to earn recurring passive income for a long term, 
by creating your OWN Business Directory?

Well you can, with this Advanced Directory WordPress Theme.

It’s fairly simple to start, create a list of businesses for any niche and allow advertisers to submit their business listings.

By charging listing owners (advertisers) a one-time fee, or a recurring fee, your business has every chance of long term success with regular and annual fees.

Here are just a few of the features available:

  1. RADIUS SEARCH - the cutting edge in search. Define serches within a given radius so the results your website provides can be spot-on target.

  2. CLAIM LISTING - allow advertisers to verify their business and complete the process.

  3. PAYMETS via PAYPAL- receive payements from almost anyone, anywhere in the world via PayPal. Remember your customers do not even need to have a PayPal account themselves to make payment.

  4. CAPTCHA - protect the integrity of your directory site and prevent spam registrations. And much more...


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